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Mathematics Library

Open until 5pm - Full Hours /

Computing & Printing


  • Net-Print – Three Net-Print printers are available (MATH Library Net-Print 1, MATH Library Net-Print 2, MATH Library Net-Print 3 (color) at $0.09/page). To register or check your Net-Print account, visit CIT Net-Print.
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  • Black and white photocopiers are available in the Photocopier room. One copier is for Math Department graduate students and faculty members (see below). The other copier is for universal use and may be operated by Vendacard (sold on site) or coins.
  • Math Department photocopier is located in the library photocopier room and is available for use by Math department members. It is operated with a department copy card sold in the Math Department office (3rd floor). Contact Joy Jones (255-9743) for more information.
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Public Computers

  • Kiosks – 14 public computers in the Mathematics Library are productivity stations. These provide access to the internet, and are equipped with Microsoft Office applications.
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  • CIT Public Labs – Visit the CIT Labs page for more information.


TV/VCR, Plasma TV and DVD Player

  • One TV/VCR is available to view videotapes in the library, or to borrow for classroom use in Malott Hall. A DVD player is also available for library or in-building use. There is also one large screen plasma TV located in the Conference room. These items may not leave the building.

Other Equipment Available for Loan

  • Calculators – Various calculators are available for 2-hour loan. They are held at the Circulation desk.
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