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Student Assistant Job Application: Please complete this form and submit. This job requires attendance through the final day of the exams period for the semester.

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Work Eligibility Information
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Total hours desired
Hours Available

Please indicate the times you would be able to work for each day, given your class schedule and other commitments. Shifts are usually 2-3 hours in leangth, but may be shorter or longer. You may work more than one shift per day, or at more than one library. Attendence Requirements: The job term is through the final day of the exams period (see academic year calendar).

Cornell Work Experience

For each job include your job title, department name, dates of employment, your supervisor's name, and reason for leaving.

Non-Cornell Work Experience

For each job, include your job title, the organization name, dates of employment, and reason for leaving.

Non-Cornell Job 1
Non-Cornell Job 2
Other Experience

Please list any additional volunteer experience or skills or training that you would like to share


Please include the name and contact information for three people, not family member or personal friends, who have knowledge of work experience and/or education.

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