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Historical Math Monographs

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The Cornell University Library Historical Math Monographs is a collection of selected monographs with expired copyrights chosen from the mathematics field. These were monographs that were brittle and decaying and in need of rescue. These monographs were digitally scanned and facsimile editions were created on acid free paper.

Project Details:

From 1990 through 1992 Cornell University and Xerox Corporation, with the support of the Commission on Preservation and Access, collaborated on a pilot project to test advanced technology for scanning deteriorating books as digital images, optical storage, and production of high quality paper copies. The College Library Access and Storage System (CLASS) Project scanned 600 dpi images and produced facsimiles on acid free paper. The image files are archivally managed. A few individual titles have been added to the collection since 1992.

Purchasing Information:

Almost all of the books are available as paperbacks from Amazon via their BookSurge print on demand program and can be ordered direct from the Amazon site The "Find It on Amazon" link in the rightmost column on the title listing will take you directly to the book on Amazon. 

If there is no Amazon link, the book may still be obtained through the Math Library printing service.  The printing cost is 9 cents per page plus $8 per volume to bind in a hard cover library buckram binding with a color choice of black, navy blue, turquoise, forest green, olive green, maroon, red, orange, brown, and tan. Lettering on the spine can be white, gold or black. Postage and handling for domestic orders is $6. For international orders, we will quote a price for postage and handling. The digital images are printed at 600 dpi on acid free paper as exact facsimiles of the original including size. Prepayment by check, money order or credit card is required.

Orders, price quotes, payment arrangements, color choices or questions may be directed to Natalie Sheridan, e-mail at, phone (607) 254-3568, Fax (607) 254-5023, or by letter sent to the Mathematics Library, 420 Malott Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY 14853.